...and best of all, membershipis free! a vibrant communityfor collaborationand sharing... just the right tools to fill out your modding bench... step by steptutorials to honeyour crafting skills... unique diy projectsto scratch yourbuilding itch... inspiring articlesto get your creativity flowing... playhacker is...

playhacker is...

Creative ideas to get your creative juices flowing, unusual DIY projects to scratch your building itch, product modding tutorials to hone your skills, maker tools to fill out your workbench. Click here to get started!


INSPIRATION:  findings from the world of modding, crafting and tech

DIY PROJECTS:  useful, quirky product-modding and tech projects

SUPPLIES:  parts and tools to build out your toolkit, and merch to plus up your wardrobe

DIY workshop

COMMUNITY:  confer, collaborate, give and get help on projects

unusual DIY projects

SKILLS:  pick up new tricks, polish your chops, learn something interesting

TURNKEY KITS:  projects-in-a-box with all tools, materials, instructions

DIY projects, kit builds and skills tutorials

Just a few of the interesting, quirky, empowering projects you can build. Click here to get started!

the builder community...

Get help on projects, track your progress, keep a lab notebook, exchange tips with other builders, and more. Click here to get started!

DIY community

...project builder groups

Every diy project and every kit build project has a community where builders can exchange ideas and ask questions

DIY project

...tools and skills groups

Every skill tutorial and every equipment tutorial has its own group where you can ask questions and share knowledge