Proposed Build

Mannequin-hand phone charger

Your personal valet holds your phone, your watch, your keys, and charges your phone too!

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Electronic valet gives you a hand

In this easy one session build, we’ll create useful and unique phone charging stand that gives you a hand!  Holds your phone on your desk or bedside table so you can see the screen, and charges at the same time.  

Skills:  cutting, gluing, drilling, carving
Complexity: easy
Completion time: one sitting
Materials: wooden hand model, phone charger, USB cable, sugru, wooden base, screws, paint, sandpaper. 
Tools: drill and bits, files 

This guy will hold your phone, rings, watch, etc. Isn't that better than a boring desk charger?

This will be a quick and enjoyable building project, resulting in a useful and funny “valet” style charger, a hand that holds your phone and charges it too.  You can also store keys, watch, rings, etc.  Be the envy of your peers.  This build will also offer a wall-mounted design variant.

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