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How to use a multi-tool

This tutorial will include essential skills, usage tips, techniques tricks and recommendations for the most popular brand of multi-tool.

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Get up to speed quickly on multi-tools

In this medium-complexity tutorial, we’ll start from scratch with how to set up, maintain, and use a Dremel or similar multi-tool for crafting, modding and hacking.  We’ll include safety, storage and related equipment too.

Dremel skills and techniques make modding faster and more fun

An expanding index

We’ll break the project into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections. There’ll be useful info for every skill level. This will be a living tutorial: we’ll be coming back and adding new skills and tricks periodically. We’ll have a separate section for popular accessories, with mini-primers on each. You will be able to search info on each of the bits you have for your multi-tool. 

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Want to gear up on Dremel or Dremel bits now?  Here are some suggestions:

Dremel Lite

Our recommended multitool.  Small, lightweight, cordless multi-tool, yet powerful enough for lots of smaller projects.  It has a high-quality battery, too.

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