Proposed Build

Barbarachnid! figurine mashup

This build would be a fast, reasonably easy project to combine three Barbies or similar figurines into a six-leg, two-pincer spider creature, with some cutting, heat bending, gluing and painting.

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Explore the strange universe of figurine hacking

In this medium-complexity, one or two session build, we’ll cut up three Barbies or other figurines, and recombine their bits to form a nice spider/scorpion sculpture.

A few Barbies, some cutting, some heat bending, some gluing, some deco and… 50’s B Movie!

This will be an interesting crafts-focused project, not too easy, but not too hard.  We’ll cover workspace setup, tool safety, cutting, shaping, heat bending, gluing, deco and finally mounting for presentation.  When you’re done you’ll have a great objet for presentation or gifting.

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Extra: for some background on figure mashups, check out our article The Art of Doll Hacking

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