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Seek Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging phone attachments are awesome! In this review we'll look at the best low-cost thermal imaging adapter you can get today for iOS or Android.

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The hidden world of temperature gradients

In this review, we’ll look at the Seek thermal imaging camera adapter for Android and iOS phones, which allows you to see the world colored by temperature.  You can use it in real time, like a magic spyglass.  And you can take interesting thermal photographs with it.

The images in this reveal mockup are from Wikimedia Commons, here and here

Stress testing

We’ll look closely at this particular brand of thermal imager attachment.  How good is it?  Is it useful?  Is it interesting?  Is it easy to use?  What interesting things can you do with it?  Is it better or worse than the competitors on the market?

Evaluation factors

Art and science

We’ll also take a quick look at the science of thermography, and the practical application of thermal imaging, before looking at the real question: what weird things can you do with it?  We’ll try a slew of unique thermal experiments!

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