playhacker company info

Who’s behind playhacker? Where are we located? How do you contact us? Inside info! And more.

Who makes playhacker?

What size is this business? How many people are involved?  Where is the HQ?  Where are the collaborators located? Who does what? Etc.

Business design and development

Playhacker is a project of Garage Rocket, an invention development company.  Which is in turn a business entity of Tangent Method LLC, which is owned and operated by Bruce Cannon, out of sunny El Segundo, California (greater Los Angeles), with a variety of distributed development partners and contractors.  It is, after all, an internet company 🙂

Engineering support

Most of the systems and processes you find on playhacker.com are built and maintained by Haider Abbas, working remotely from Lucknow, India.  Interested in hiring him for development work?  Here is his Upwork profile.