playhacker contribution credits

Reward points are earned from nearly all contributions: contributing site ideas, and helping out in the community

playhacker reward points: what are they, and how do they work?

What are they? They are invisible things you accumulate, as rewards for contributions across playhacker. How are the earned? As soon as you start using playhacker resources, you will start earning points. You get them from basically every type of participation. Whenever you comment on an article, vote on a future project, help others in build groups, share your project accomplishments, make progress on a build, buy tools, etc., you get some points.

What do they do? Right now, they’re just fun to accumulate. But when we start selling things, you’ll be able to use this value to get real stuff.

If you're a member, you'll see and be able to analyze and track your earnings history, below.

Your current points totals

In this chart, members see a high-level running tally of their points totals, broken out by our four categories (which are by site section: think, build, buy, collab ).

Your points earnings timeline

In the timeline view, members can see the complete history of their specific earnings achievements.  This makes it easier to figure out what contributions have the most value, how to earn, etc.