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Project photography

This tutorial will cover a complete compact professional project/product photography station, for stellar documentation of your creative work!

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Tutorial: small-project photography

Taking nice shots of your creative projects is fun and satisfying! In this medium-complexity tutorial, we’ll cover a compact, fast system for extremely high quality photo and video of small projects.

A complete compact photo station for your small projects, stores in a small space!

We'll cover

  1. Using the Foldio2 and Foldio3 lightboxes for even illumination
  2. Using the Foldio Halo light set for even illumination of irregular objects
  3. Using the Orangemonkie table tripod with fluid head, for solid setups and easy fine adjustment
  4. Using the Canon M50 DSLR set with lens and memory card
    for amazing still and video quality
  5. Using the Canon PC application for accurate remote shooting and fast work 

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